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Recognize your girl while playing poker
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Anon1 2017.07.24 07:43
who is 4 of clubs
kpnut 2017.03.30 16:27
just keep getting the same 4 girls!
pls name 2017.03.29 05:19
4 of hearts ?
2017.03.25 14:02
- thanks, Dan
Dan 2017.03.25 09:17
Wow someone has an anger problem. I provide feedback and citicism to give them ideas and so they know what is good and what isnt. You know, what comments are actually for. Its not directed towards you but if you disagree with my points you can make your own.
KH98 2017.03.25 00:21
Name all girls pls
k 2017.03.24 02:05
who is the 8 of clubs girl
- 10 2017.03.23 10:27
10 of hearts - Jenni Gregg
serge 2017.03.23 02:27
who is 10 of hearts girl?
to Dsn Dan BAN 2017.03.22 17:09
you are annoying. gtfu
Dsn 2017.03.21 06:26
So like the last game except you find the girl to win faster. But would have been cool if you could click on the opponents cards when they are shown too.

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